Friday, September 22, 2023

Is Beauty Linked to Your Mental Health?

You might have figured the answer to the above question; Yes, beauty and mental health are linked together. When we say beauty, it basically covers every aspect of it: skincare, makeup, or even the perspective as to how you see yourself through the literal mirror or your introspective one. Well, May being the Mental Health Awareness Month, we are here to shed some light on the intersection of beauty and mental health and proffer a few tips to keep a healthy mind.

A survey conducted by skincare tool brand, Foreo, found that 61% of women suffer from compare and despair syndrome, regularly comparing their appearance to others. With countless filters on social media doing rounds and how in todays digital times, it is no surprise that women and men feel all the more pressured to look perfect. If the filtered wave of the virtual world wasnt enough, we were hit by a global pandemic, which still is continuing in the form of newer variants. According to a survey conducted by, it was found that only 34% of participants were continuing to take care of their skin, hair and nails as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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But did you know, taking care of skin, grooming, pampering your skin, even wearing makeup can all be pegged under the category of mood enhancers. It is also seen that people who take good care of themselves are known to be more organized and can process things well emotionally. Apart from the studies that have shown to prove increased levels of productivity and happy hormones after one takes care of oneself through skincare and makeup, we for one can vouch for the above stated fact. 

Besides doing skincare, wearing makeup is also a form of therapy which instantly lifts your mood up and boosts your confidence. Delving oneself in different face and body treatments in the salon can also prove to excite up your mood. Other tips of taking care of yourself would be to indulge in some reading, gardening, cleaning, organizing, journaling, cooking, painting, watching movies or just any other thing that makes you feel better. In a time when mental health issues are affecting so many, these small habits can really help someone. And thanks to the clean beauty industry, where emphasizing towards being less focused on appearance and more concerned with holistic well-being is now catching up as quickly as a gravitating trend.


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