10 Discounts to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Are you looking for ways to lower your homeowner’s insurance bill? Fortunately, there are multiple opportunities to do just that – and they don’t have to involve cutting corners so much as being savvy about the discounts offered by your insurer. In this blog post, we’ll highlight 10 of the most useful homeowner’s insurance discounts available, helping you prepare for savings before you even contact an agent. We’ll also provide tips on how to take advantage of each discount opportunity easily and quickly!

Discounts to Help Lower Your Home Insurance

Are you tired of feeling like you’re overpaying for your homeowner’s insurance? We totally get it. That’s why we want to let you in on a little secret: making just a few small changes could end up saving you some serious cash. Whether bundling your coverage or installing security features, there are ten ways you can score a discount on your home insurance and lower your monthly premium. Don’t miss out on these easy opportunities to save!

Bundle Your Insurance

If you’ve watched TV recently, you’ve probably seen the ads from insurance companies boasting about savings on bundled home and auto policies. But let me tell you, they’re not just blowing smoke. It turns out that buying multiple policies from one insurer is one of the best and most common ways to save on your insurance bill. Our pals at the Insurance Information Institute say you could cut your homeowner’s premium by anywhere from 5% to 15% by bundling with the same company. Now that’s some serious green.

If you’re tired of managing multiple insurance policies from different carriers, bundling your auto and home insurance with a single provider is the way to go. Simplify your coverage and stay organized with all your insurance needs in one place. Did you know that insuring more than one home with the same insurance company can often result in significant savings too? It’s worth exploring your options to see how much you could save.

Don’t stop at just home and auto insurance either – many providers offer bundling discounts when adding other types of coverage, such as life or RV insurance. Keep more money in your pocket while safeguarding what matters most.

Install Security Features

Did you know that you can save up to 15% on your home insurance by adding security features and smart devices to your home? The exact discount depends on your insurance company, the devices you have, and your location. Here are some safety measures you can consider:

  • Water leak sensors to detect leaks before they cause damage
  • Smart smoke detectors that can alert you and emergency services if there’s a fire
  • Motion sensors to detect movement inside and outside your home
  • Carbon monoxide, radon, or gas leak detectors for early detection of dangerous gases
  • Burglar alert systems to deter and detect burglars
  • Fire alarms and fire protection systems to keep your family and home safe in case of a fire

Some insurance companies offer discounts for installing simple safety features like deadbolts, fire extinguishers, and automatic sprinkler systems. Not only can these small gadgets make your home safer, but they can also help you save money on your insurance premiums. It’s a win-win situation – you get added protection for your home, and the insurance company takes on less risk. So, why not consider upgrading your security and safety measures for a potential discount on your insurance?

Improve Your Home

Making improvements to your home not only makes it more livable and attractive but also can result in a discount on your insurance. The kinds of upgrades that qualify for discounts vary from company to company, but some popular ones include:

  • storm shutters
  • roof replacement or repair
  • fire suppression systems
  • updating plumbing and electrical systems

Check with your insurer to see exactly what upgrades you need to make in order to receive a discount.

If you’re already planning renovations or an update of any kind, why not invest in the right materials for extra savings? Installing quality siding or windows could help further protect your home from the elements while netting you a lower premium — plus, you get better-looking property too!

Ask About a Claims-Free Discount

You may qualify for a discount if you’ve been insured with the same company and have had no claims in the past few years. That’s because insurance companies reward customers who don’t file any claims or haven’t filed a claim in many years. The longer you can go without needing to make an insurance claim, the more likely it is that you’ll receive this type of discount.

Loyalty Discount

Did you know that staying with the same insurance company for three years or more may score you a discount? But before you start celebrating, keep in mind that loyalty discounts for homeowners insurance differ from one company to another, and not all providers offer them.

Here’s something to think about: You could possibly save a significant amount of cash by switching to a new insurer rather than staying with your trusted one – yes, even if they have a loyalty discount.

Raise Your Insurance Deductible

Did you know raising your home insurance deductible can help you save money on your monthly premiums? In fact, you can shave an average of $260 off your rate by increasing your deductible from $500 to $2,500, according to Insurance.com. Insurers know you’re less likely to file a claim if you have a higher deductible. 

Having an emergency fund of $1,000 to $3,000 is a good idea to ensure you’re prepared for any out-of-pocket expenses. This way, you’ll have the extra cash on hand if you need to make a claim. So, if you want to save money on your home insurance, consider raising your deductible and starting an emergency fund.

Change How You Pay

Did you know you can save cash on your home insurance premiums? Yep, most companies will give you a little discount if you pay for a whole year upfront. This is kind of like the discount you might get by paying your car insurance in full every six months or every year instead of monthly, which adds up over time. But wait, there’s more! If you go paperless or have your premium automatically debited from your bank, you can also snag some sweet savings.

Ask About New Home Discounts

If your house was built in the last three to five years, listen up – you could be eligible for a discount on your home insurance. How? Well, newer features like wiring and a roof are less likely to cause any issues, meaning you could avoid any costly insurance claims. Plus, if you upgrade your existing plumbing and electrical systems, you may be able to score an additional discount. Don’t miss out – be sure to check with your insurance provider today.

Homeowner-Specific Discounts

Here’s something to consider: some insurers offer discounts if you’re a homeowner, retired, or are affiliated with certain organizations – such as the military or AARP. So, before you sign up for your home insurance policy, be sure to ask about any special discounts that may apply to you.

Other Home Insurance Discounts

Did you know there are some hidden gems of discounts when it comes to your homeowner’s insurance? Yep, you can actually save some cash on your policy. Here are a few lesser-known ways to score some savings:

  • Living in a community with a gated entrance
  • Being part of a homeowners association (HOA)
  • Living in a smoke-free house
  • Ditching risky items like trampolines
  • Having a killer credit score
  • Residing close to a fire hydrant or fire department 

Take advantage of these under-the-radar options to keep more money in your pocket and peace of mind in your home.

How Does a Home Insurance Discount Work?

Good news! You may be eligible for home insurance discounts without even realizing it. For instance, if you consolidate all your policies with one carrier or pay your premiums in advance, you’ll automatically receive these savings. But don’t just stop there. Why not call your provider and request a review of your policy to determine if there are any other discounts you haven’t tapped into yet? It’s always worth a try to save more money!

If you made some upgrades to your home, like installing a security system or smoke alarms, don’t forget to inform your home insurance agent about these changes! By doing so, you might be eligible for a lower rate. 

But here’s the catch: most insurance companies cap the total savings you can get from multiple home insurance discounts. For instance, you may only be able to save up to 20% to 35% in total. However, the discount amounts vary depending on the insurance company. So, don’t forget to double-check with your provider to maximize your savings potential.

Don’t Be Afraid to Compare Quotes

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to save money on your home insurance is to compare quotes from different companies. Shop around and collect multiple estimates for coverage before deciding what’s best for you. That way, you can get the maximum discounts available while still getting the coverage you need.

When comparing policies, make sure to pay attention to the following details:

  • Deductible amount
  • Premium costs
  • Coverage types offered 

By doing this research ahead of time, you’ll know exactly what kind of savings are possible for each policy – and that’s money in your pocket!

Be Upfront with Your Insurance Provider

When trying to get the best rate on your home insurance, don’t be afraid to communicate with your provider. Talk about any changes you made that might lower your risk of filing a claim, and ask them if they can offer any discounts or promotions. They may know of some additional savings opportunities you haven’t considered yet.

Change Up Your Coverage

When you’re shopping for home insurance, consider changing your coverage levels based on the area you live in. For example, suppose your home is located in a high-risk area near the coast or has a higher risk of flooding. In that case, you may want to purchase additional coverage options to cover your emergency. But don’t forget – before you do this, get quotes from multiple insurers and compare them side-by-side to get the best deal possible.

Finally, Switch Insurance Providers

Are you looking for a better deal on your insurance? It doesn’t hurt to shop around! You may be surprised at the great rates and perks out there from different providers. Don’t hesitate to make the switch if you find something better—it could mean better customer service or big savings. Plus, many insurers offer sweet discounts for new customers. So what are you waiting for? Start comparing policies today!

The Bottom Line

With the right home insurance policy, you can ensure your home and family are always protected. Knowing you’re not paying full price for the coverage should give you additional peace of mind. To save on homeowners insurance, it’s essential to take advantage of discounts and special offers available from providers. From increasing your deductible to joining an association, there are plenty of ways to cut down on costs. So if you’re tired of paying high monthly premiums, ask about discounts available! With some savvy shopping and a bit of extra effort, you can save hundreds of dollars on your homeowner’s insurance policy – which would certainly be worth it in the long run. Everyone deserves to have quality coverage at an affordable premium rate.

Best wishes as you assess and compare various policies to determine which offers the most protection for the best value!

Key Takeaways:

• Ask about special discounts that may be available to you as a homeowner.

• Take advantage of under-the-radar insurance discounts to keep more money in your pocket.

• Don’t forget to inform your home insurance provider about any changes or upgrades you have made.

• Shop around and compare quotes from different providers before deciding coverage.

• Make sure to communicate with your insurance provider for additional savings opportunities.

• Consider changing up your coverage levels based on the area you live in.

• Don’t hesitate to switch providers if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

By taking these steps, you could save hundreds of dollars each year on homeowners insurance – and spend it on more important things, like vacation or home upgrades!


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