20 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Grocery shopping can be a hefty expense, and finding ways to save money on groceries is important for those on a tight budget. You don’t have to be an extreme couponer or scour every store ad to find deals. There are several practical ways to reduce your grocery bill without compromising the quality and quantity of your groceries. This blog has compiled 20 tips to help you save money on groceries and stretch your dollars further.

5 Tools and Apps to Help You Save

Cell phones can be a powerful tool for savings, especially with handy savings apps available to help you find the best deals at your favorite stores. Some apps even allow you to scan items on store shelves and compare prices, while others provide virtual coupons that can be redeemed in-store or online.


This online rewards program pays you for completing surveys, watching videos, and more. You can redeem points earned from these activities for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Target and Amazon.

All you need is the Swagbucks extension for Google Chrome on your computer or laptop. This genius tool can help you save even more on purchases at Amazon, Target, and other popular websites. The cherry on top? When you earn 2,500 SB within 60 days of signing up, you’ll be rewarded with a sweet $5 Swagbucks bonus that can be readily cashed out through PayPal.

Nielsen Consumer Panel

Do you love showing off the groceries you buy? Well, how about getting rewarded for it? The Nielsen Consumer Panel wants to track what’s in your fridge and will give you gift points. All you have to do is join and use your cell phone to scan your items’ barcodes after your next grocery run. Once Nielsen receives your data, you can redeem your points for free electronics, household items, or toys. So the next time you stock up on your groceries, grab your phone and start earning rewards.


With many grocery savings apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. But if you’re a lazy saver who wants to save money with little effort, we have the perfect app for you: Fetch Rewards. Simply take a photo of your receipt and earn rewards without scanning barcodes, searching for offers, or worrying about store limitations. It’s an easy way to save on groceries so you can get in and out of the store and move on with your day.

Not only do you earn points for every receipt, but you also have the chance to earn even more points if the app finds a match for a specific product offer. For example, you could earn 2,000 points for purchasing a Suave female hair product or a 12-pack of Blue Moon. And the best part? You can cash out your points for a gift card to your favorite retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon with as little as 3,000 points! Say goodbye to wasted receipts and hello to earning rewards with Fetch Rewards.


Forget rushing to the pharmacy for refills! Meet Phil, the prescription delivery service that brings your medication straight to your doorstep. With Phil, you no longer have to worry about payment or refill issues, as the service even talks to your insurance company!

As a special offer for new customers, you can save up to $30 on your first prescription. Say goodbye to the hassle of pharmacy trips, and sign up for Phil today!


Rakuten is an online cashback rewards program that pays you just for shopping at your favorite retailers. All you have to do is shop through their site or app, and they’ll reward you with Cash Back, points, coupons, and more.

Get a $10 Walmart gift card for your next shopping spree by signing up for Rakuten’s free browser extension. This cashback site rewards you for almost every online purchase from popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target. Once you’ve signed up and purchased $25 or more within 90 days, Rakuten will credit your account with points you can exchange for a $10 Walmart gift card. Start earning rewards today with Rakuten!

7 Ways to Save Without Coupons

Now that you know about grocery store savings apps and rewards programs, here are seven other ways to save money without using coupons:

Meal Prep

Meal prepping is a great way to save money on groceries. By planning ahead, you can take advantage of discounted meats and buy in bulk when items go on sale. Also, having ingredients already at home will help reduce impulsive spending at the store.

Store Your Food Correctly

It’s not enough just to buy the food—you must ensure it stays in good condition. Store produce and dairy products in an airtight container, keep bread and cereals away from heat and moisture and store other items like chips, cookies, or crackers in a cool place. Doing so will help your groceries last longer, reducing the food wasted each month.

Pro Tip: Clean Your Fruit and Veggies

Did you know that washing your produce can help reduce your grocery bill? A simple rinse with tap water removes most of the dirt and bacteria, which can help make fruits and veggies last longer. Plus, it’s essential to remove wax coatings on apples or cucumbers before eating them.

Check Your Pantry First

Before heading to the store, look through your pantry and see what items you already have. You may be surprised at how much food is tucked away in there! Taking inventory of what you have on hand can help prevent overbuying or wasting expired food.

Don’t Shop at Eye Level

Most grocery stores stock shelves with pricier items at eye level and less expensive options below or above eye level. Take a few extra minutes to browse the store and look for deals in unexpected places.

Don’t Shop Hungry

When you’re hungry, it’s easy to get carried away and fill your cart with items that aren’t necessary. To stick to your grocery budget, shop on a full stomach so you can think more clearly about what you need to buy.

Compare Stores

Don’t assume that all grocery stores have the same prices—sometimes, it pays to shop around. Take a trip to a few different stores and compare their prices on items you regularly buy. You may find that one store has significantly lower prices than another, which can help you save big in the long run.

Check Unit Prices

When shopping for groceries, don’t just look at the overall price of the item. It pays to check the unit price, too. The unit price is the cost per pound or ounce, and it can help you determine whether you’re getting a good deal. You may find that buying a larger size isn’t always cheaper!

5 Ways to Save on Organic Groceries

Are you trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle by buying organic groceries? Well, don’t let the price tag deter you! There are ways to save money while still getting your organic fix. Check out these savvy strategies for cutting costs on organic items.

Shop Seasonally

One of the best ways to save on organic food is to shop seasonally. Produce in-season is usually cheaper and tends to be more nutrient-dense since fruits and vegetables are harvested when they’re ripe. Plus, you can find locally grown produce at farmer’s markets for even more significant savings.

Join a CSA

Another great way to save money on organic groceries is by joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. With this approach, you’ll pay upfront for weekly or monthly boxes of fresh produce from a local farm. This subscription service often offers discounts compared to buying food in-store—plus, it supports sustainable agriculture!

Grow Your Food

Growing your own food is a great way to save money and reduce the need for organic groceries. Start with small containers of herbs, like parsley or basil, then move on to larger projects; tomatoes, squash, and peppers are easy enough to grow in pots. Plus, you’ll have delicious produce right in your backyard!

Buy Meat in Bulk

If you want to cut costs on organic meat, consider buying in bulk. Purchasing a few pounds of ground beef or chicken breasts may be cheaper than individual packages. The bonus? You can freeze what you don’t use immediately, so nothing goes to waste.

Research What’s Worth Buying Organic

Not all produce needs to be organic. In fact, some items are better off bought from conventional sources. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list to determine which fruits and vegetables have the highest pesticide residue content; prioritize these items when buying organic.

3 Websites to Get Coupons for Groceries

Want to save big at checkout? Try deal stacking, a clever technique that involves combining multiple cashback apps and coupons to slash your bill. With most of us no longer receiving newspapers, finding coupons can be challenging. Luckily, several websites offer printable coupons in abundance. With these simple strategies, you can keep more money in your pocket while still getting the goods you need.


Pillsbury is a great place to start your coupons search. The website offers digital deals, printable coupons, and meal recipes that won’t break the bank. Plus, they often have exclusive discounts just for Pillsbury members!

Join the Pillsbury.com email list and receive up to $250 in coupons per year, plus free product samples (limited quantities, one per member) and deliciously easy recipes delivered straight to your inbox. Don’t miss out on these incredible discounts. Share the love with your household members since they limit coupons to one set per person. Sign up now and start enjoying the perks!

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker has an offer that will make any foodie jump for joy. Simply provide your email address and receive up to $250 coupons, allowing you to snag great deals on grocery store staples like canned goods, cereal, and yogurt. But that’s not all. Betty Crocker’s email list also includes 15,000 kitchen-tested recipes and helpful how-tos, providing much-needed culinary inspiration for those craving variety. Take advantage of this free and easy way to spice up your cooking game on a budget.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Kellogg’s Family Rewards is a loyalty program with exclusive coupons, rewards, and sweepstakes. To join, sign up on the website and enter the codes for participating Kellogg’s® products. With each code entered, you’ll receive points that can be redeemed for awesome prizes like discounted groceries, kitchenware, and more! Plus, they have promotions on select items that allow you to save even more money. Join now and start earning rewards today.

Quick Tips for Storing Produce

Storing produce correctly is vital to preserving its freshness and extending its shelf life. Start by checking the label on your product; some fruits and vegetables need to be refrigerated, while others should remain at room temperature. For items that need to be stored in the fridge, keep them in separate containers and away from ethylene-releasing products, like apples and tomatoes, which can cause them to spoil faster. With proper storage techniques, you’ll get more out of every budget-friendly grocery item – saving time and money in the long run!

Pro Tip: Shop Local Farmer’s Markets

The local farmer’s market offers a great way to find fresh, organic foods for less than conventional grocery stores. You’ll also have an opportunity to get produce picked that day, so you can be sure everything is as fresh and flavorful as possible. Plus, you can often find discounted items from vendors trying to clear out last season’s harvest or products they couldn’t sell at the regular market rate.

So if you’re looking for affordable ways to buy healthy ingredients, a trip to the farmer’s market is a great place to start.

The Bottom Line

Saving money on groceries may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By using these 20 tips, you can save money on groceries without sacrificing the quality and quantity of your groceries. Whether you shop at discount stores, use loyalty programs, or buy in bulk, there are many ways to save money on groceries. Try incorporating some of these tips into your grocery shopping routine and see how much you can save.


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