Biden Faces Uphill Battle Against Republicans in 2024

Recent polling data paints a less than favorable picture for President Joe Biden, not only regarding his approval ratings but also his standing against potential Republican rivals in the 2024 presidential race.

Dwindling Approval Ratings and Economic Concerns

Firstly, the CNN poll shows that only 39% of respondents approve of Biden’s job performance, compared to 61% who disapprove. This marks a low point, as it’s been two years since a majority of Americans approved of his job performance. During this period, his approval ratings fluctuated within the 40s and have now dipped into the high 30s. Compounding this is the statistic that 58% believe Biden’s policies have worsened the U.S. economy—problematic for any president eyeing reelection.

Skepticism Within His Own Party

When asked about their primary concern regarding Biden as a 2024 candidate, a majority of Democrats raised issues related to his age. Specifically, 49% cited his age as a concern, 7% questioned his mental sharpness, another 7% expressed worries about his health, and another 7% doubted his effectiveness. In total, 70% of Democrats appear skeptical about Biden’s suitability for a second term, where he would begin at age 82.

Lack of Party Consensus for 2024

Furthermore, 67% of Democrats would prefer a different candidate over Biden for the 2024 election. Although Biden might find solace in the fact that no alternative candidate within the Democratic Party has garnered significant support yet, the lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy is evident.

Concerns Over Hunter Biden

The poll also probed public opinion on Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s international business dealings. A significant 61% believe Biden had some involvement in his son’s business affairs, despite Biden’s consistent denials.

A Tough Stand Against GOP Contenders

When pitted against Republican candidates for the 2024 election, Biden shows vulnerability. In a hypothetical match-up against former President Donald Trump, Biden trails by one point. The news doesn’t get better against other Republicans like Mike Pence, Tim Scott, or Chris Christie, against whom Biden also trails. His only win was against Vivek Ramaswamy, and even that was by a narrow margin.

The most significant lead was for Nikki Haley, who beats Biden by a 6-point margin, a noteworthy outcome following her strong performance in the first Republican debate on August 23.

Implications for Biden’s Campaign Strategy

If these trends persist, it could dramatically alter Biden’s campaign strategy. Initially, Biden might have focused on a traditional Democratic campaign emphasizing new programs and spending. However, if he finds himself fighting for political survival, the narrative could shift to a more fear-based campaign, portraying any Republican contender as a threat to democracy.

In summary, Biden faces considerable challenges on multiple fronts, from waning approval rates to skepticism within his party and a seemingly tough stand against Republican candidates in 2024.


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