Recession Newsletter

Recession Newsletter for March 2, 2024

inflation sucks, thanks biden

Biden Administration Continues to Struggle to Curb Inflation

Persistent Battle with Inflation Despite recent statements from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and financial analysts pointing to slight declines in the inflation rate, the fight against surging prices is nowhere close to a resolution. As of July, 61% of Americans find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, a marginal but

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economy better with trump

The Economy Was Better with Trump, Data Shows

As the American public celebrated Labor Day this year, an increasingly pressing question loomed in the backdrop: “Why are things so expensive?” Whether it’s essentials like groceries or major expenses like mortgages and cars, the cost of living has noticeably skyrocketed. The Unchecked Rise of Inflation Data from the Bureau

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Is the US in danger of talking itself into a recession?

But some could and did blame his words. Get Today in Politics A digest of the top political stories from the Globe, sent to your inbox Monday-Friday. Some Democrats and economists charged that Bush was intentionally driving down consumer and business confidence by exaggerating economic troubles[1] to sell his tax

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