US Economy Newsletter

US Economy Newsletter for March 2, 2024

Your Guide to the US Government 2024 Budget

Navigating the US government budget can feel overwhelming, with its complex numbers and big decisions affecting us all. The 2024 Budget is set to invest $4.5 billion in our nation’s clean energy sector, sparking jobs and innovation across the country. Our guide breaks down this massive plan into bite-sized pieces, explaining how it impacts you and

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2024 Insurance Outlook: Top 5 Industry Trends

Facing the future can be tricky, especially when it comes to protecting what matters most. The insurance industry is buzzing with talk of InsurTech and big data as we step into 2024. This post will guide you through the latest trends, helping you understand how they affect your choices for affordable coverage. Dive in to stay ahead in a changing

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What to Know About the 2024 SNAP Changes

Understanding changes to SNAP benefits can be confusing, especially with the new updates for 2024. It’s key to know that starting in October of that year, work requirements will expand for recipients up to age 54. Our article breaks down these crucial adjustments and their impact on you in a simple way. Keep reading to

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inflation sucks, thanks biden

Biden Administration Continues to Struggle to Curb Inflation

Persistent Battle with Inflation Despite recent statements from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and financial analysts pointing to slight declines in the inflation rate, the fight against surging prices is nowhere close to a resolution. As of July, 61% of Americans find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, a marginal but

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economy better with trump

The Economy Was Better with Trump, Data Shows

As the American public celebrated Labor Day this year, an increasingly pressing question loomed in the backdrop: “Why are things so expensive?” Whether it’s essentials like groceries or major expenses like mortgages and cars, the cost of living has noticeably skyrocketed. The Unchecked Rise of Inflation Data from the Bureau

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